New: Photovoltaic All-round Carefree Packages for any budget

It doesen't matter if your hands are all thumbs or your skills are Tim Taylor-like:
With the new Photovoltaic Complete Packages from RYBU Solar you'll get one easily on the roof. All modular and fitted for your type of roof you can take advantage of your complete roof space, save money and do something good for the environment.
Our Complete Packages come in many varieties and sizes with great Add-Ons. Any package is ready for collection according to availability. 

A small overview you can find here in our products area: Complete Packages

For a flyer with a small profitability calculation klick here: Flyer
New: East-West-Mounting system SOE-6500

Precise processing, easy and flexible assembly and absolute stability were the center points in the development of our new east-west-system SOE-6500. By the flat tilted east-west-orientation and almost no opacity gap we can make the most out of your roof space. Every needed distance results in itself due to the modular design of SOE-6500, the unified screws are all the same, so there#s no need to change your tool.
The SOE assembly system is made for highest stability at minimal load to the modul frame. All appealing forces are absorbed by the base frame and not by the modul frame.

Get informed of the new modules and capabilities!
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